Ricotta Cookies with Cream Cheese Icing

ricotta-cookiesThis recipe was derived from my sister Nancy’s friend Cristen Sirignano-Irving from Connecticut. Nancy had taken on this recipe and made it a part of her Easter tradition and the recipe has since traveled to Canada and has become a part of the family brunch. The kids especially love them, they have a sweet cream cheese frosting and a soft cakey texture that almost makes them cupcake-like. The oval egg shape and pastel-coloured icing make them a perfect treat for Easter.

Here’s the recipe – Ricotta Cookies.

They’re pretty fool proof to make and I know they’ll be popular with anyone who has a sweet tooth so I recommend you try baking a batch, Easter or not!

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Posted in Recipes, The Foodie-file, Thu, 9/04/09

2 Responses

  • Marion says:

    These sound really good, so I’m going to try them.

  • Debbie W. says:

    Thank you!!!
    This is my kind of recipe. I have dealt with some “more complicated versions”, and couldn’t find a simpler version.
    I was too afraid to experiment because of the expense of the ingredients.
    I’m adding this to my collection.
    *bows down with gratitude*