Barbecue Poached Salmon with Basil Mayonaise and Curtis Stone Cookbook Winner

This week’s “relaxed” entertaining recipe is for Barbecue Poached Salmon with Basil Mayonnaise. Hopefully it’s warm enough where you live to break out the barbecue, if not you can pop this salmon in the oven. It’s an incredibly easy dish to throw together and it takes no time to cook, totally impressive with very little fuss – my kind of cooking! Also, feel free to wrap the fish ahead of time and just throw it on the grill before dinner.

The fourth copy of Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone goes out to Dan and Brenda Dube of Perth, Ont. Congratulations and enjoy the book!

Keep subscribing! I have one more Curtis Stone cookbook to give away and then I will be announcing the new celebrity chef cookbook coming up for my celebrity cookbook drive!

Posted in Recipes, The Foodie-file, Thu, 21/05/09

4 Responses

  • Jeannine says:

    Congratulations Dan and Brenda! OMG Christine that BBQ Poached Salmon sounds so yummy! Makes me hungry just saying it! I am so looking forward to replacing our broken BBQ….I love BBQ food in the summer. Can’t wait: BBQ veges, BBQ chicken, BBQ fish, BBQ corn or the cob!!! Yum. Ok, so much for the diet and exercise?

  • Kathy (Hi) says:

    Congrats to Dan and Brenda, lucky you. The recipe sounds very yummy and because salmon is one of my favourites I think I will try it out this weekend. With the exception of the salmon, all of the ingredients are in my cupboard. Mmmm!
    Now the Curtis Stone cookbook really would benefit my husband Bruce, as he does all of the cooking. I just make request…lucky me!

  • Anne says:

    Mmmm.. thanks for Saturday’s dinner. Now to pick up the salmon and invite the neighbours ( my turn ) A BBQ it is. Thanks for the easy recipe.

  • Bill says:

    Doesn’t it figure. I could’t find a new recipe for a large salmon fillet and so Bev and I had it teriyaki style as always. Then I get this email and no salmon in the house LOL I’m a great fan of basil growing it every year and can hardly wait. Now if I had the book to go with it wouldn’t that be great… dinner and a relaxing recipe book