Michael Potters Recipe for Seared Scallops and Fresh Peas

chef-11I’m at a the filming of Chef Worthy, a new food show to air soon on W Network, waiting to be called to pass my expert judgment on an amateur chef’s creation. Back stage with me is Micheal Potter, host of Chef Worthy and owner of Harvest restaurant in beautiful Picton, Ontario. Since we are both just siting here killing time between shoots, I thought I’d pick Micheal’s mind on your behalf and ask him his favourite things to cook this time of year:

“Asparagus is in season and I’m already getting asparagus-ed out, but soon, thank God, peas are coming on so I do a really great summer truffle dish with seared scallops, pea ravioli and summer truffles with a very acidic sauce with pinot gris from the county.” Michael suggests simplifying this dish to make at home by searing the scallops with some fresh peas, some shallots, deglaze the pan “and maybe serve it over some nice tag” – that’s short for the flat wide noodles know as Tagliatelle.

Michael tells me his whole family loves to get in on the Foodie action, “(my daughter) wasn’t even one year old and she was eating caviar scallops and foie gras, but that didn’t last long.” Cooking with his daughter allows him much needed family time in a busy schedule, “My daughter is eight and she can cook like the wind – she’s awesome! She likes to cook pasta, pancakes, eggs, and she’s always on the restaurant kitchen helping out with mis en place.”

I asked Michael some tips to bring the local, seasonal philosophy of Harvest to your home kitchen, Micheal suggests “Try to buy fresh foods… some people shop everday but it’s not realistic for most people, a few times a week is good and keep it really fresh. Keep good staples on hand, good olive oil, right kind of vinegars, so your not running for the basics all of the time. Also don’t just cook for one day, cook for two or three days at a time – leftovers are great!”

Hope you enjoyed that, we’re being called back to the set… watch for more details about Chef Worthy coming soon!

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